Sovrano Di Ricchezza Group, Inc.

Invest in us, invest with us.

Our goal is to expand our production and inventory to the growing US and EU markets and fulfill our current contracts. We have a solid foundation for our business to stand on, and we are now ready to expand our reach and build new relations across the world.

We are searching for investors to participate in our 506(c) pre IPO investment opportunity with a regulation D offering. Investment warrants will help us to expand inventory and meet head count for OTCQX. Minimum accepted investments of $10,000 at $0.50 a share.

We believe in our product. We want you to invest in us, we want you to invest with us.


Investors questionnaire


Sample warrant

Business Plan

Please download these forms, fill them out and email them to our CEO, Sang Y. Kim. He will work with you directly to ensure the investment goes through properly.


Meet the CEO, Mr. Sang Y. Kim

Mr. Kim has spent 11 years in research, analyzing and weathering the changes of the cannabis industry. For the past 4 years, his effort was focused on teaching the industry about the benefits of stopping its practice of using butane and other extraction methods for “cannabis oil” production. Prior to joining the industry, he was General Partner of a 1.25 million hectare Brazilian forest development company, “Cayenne LLC”. Mr. Kim also served as Partner and International Director of First American International Bank of Pawnee Nation. His finance management and business analytical expertise were spotlighted in numerous TV and Media in Asian region.